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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Schedule Sisters

Natali hooked up with South African Michelle while traveling in Tibet. Daphna, who hooked up with me in Rishikesh, is Natali's friend from back home in Kfar Saba. Together, we all joined hands on the banks of the Ganges.

Soon enough, and rather spontaneously, we started adhering to a schedule. Daphna and I would have breakfast before her Hindi class at 10. I would continue writing or reading until 11:30, when we would all meet up at the ashram to go for what was for Daphna and me lunch, and breakfast for Natali and Michelle. Afterwards, we set out on our Daily Mission. That could be a trip to the market, a walk to the waterfalls, a visit to the post office, or to take in a movie.

I always made a point of taking my Magic Anti-rain Stick in the Bag of Culture. It was disguised as an umbrella, and ensured that no rain would fall while we were outdoors. I know it works, since failure to bring it along inevitably results in a downpour on our heads.

At 6 I had to be back for my Hindi calss. At 8 we would meet up for dinner, which would last until they basically kicked us out of the Freedom Cafe (aka Fly Sanctuary) towards midnight. We were the (Polish) Schedule Sisters.

Of course we developed our token phrases: "Eat yur froot!" in a thick Afrikaaner accent would inexplicably bring on gales of laughter even in the most unlikely contexts. I was nicknamed Khandre-jini, which was coined from Andre, Alejandro (?!) and Didi-ji. A travelers' bond.

Michelle eventually had to go back to the UK for a family do, and I must admit that I actually considered hiding her air ticket to try and prevent it. Nevertheless, Daphna, Natali and I bought a joint onward train ticket to Pathankot, the station nearest to Dharamsala. This will undoubtedly cause some reconfiguration of the schedule. But I'm sure we can handle it.

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