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Friday, June 15, 2012

Four Amazing Years

I must say, in add honesty, that because I followed my dream five years ago, and went to India to be a background dancer in Bollywood, I ended up perpetuating the Asian Adventure for this long. Long hiatus notwithstanding, whether you previously followed Skye Frontier, or if you are a new adherent, I have been in Bangkok for four years, during which I worked at quite a great company, lived the fantastic and glamourous expat lifestyle, literally traveled the globe, and, most importantly, at long last found my soulmate. Yes, I am now a married man, to the dear Adam. We tied the knot this past March in Johannesburg.

Previously, I had believed that marriage was only necessary if there was a visa in play, Indeed, the original purpose of our marriage was so that we could emigrate together to Austria (more about which later). Of course I supported the notion of “marriage equality”. But I never thought that I would get married myself. 
Alas, I did, and for pragmatic reasons. But I did to the right person. The One I had been searching for the world over. And I’m very glad for it.
I never ever thought I would have a partner that would actually ask to go on a trip to India. I thought that my love for the Desh was something entirely subjective and mostly incomprehensible to anyone else (save perhaps Josh-bhai). But it has happened. Some background.
In February I received an offer to work for a new company in Vienna. This was the catalyst for the wedding in March. And after two months of gathering documents, we submitted our application for immigration to Austria at the beginning of May. Conventional wisdom had it that we would be processed within 6-8 weeks. Not so. Apparently it takes quite a bit more time than that. Fortunately (for now) the offer of employment still stands.
We moved out of our beloved condo in Riverine Place, where I had been for four years, downtown to a nice little place. But even though we have travelled quite extensively this year (South Africa, Myanmar, Gulf of Thailand), there is nothing more to do in Bangkok.
And so, for $150, we can fly to Calcutta. Adam applied for his Indian visa. I had the presence of mind to always keep a one year visa valid for India in my passport at all times, so I’m good till the end of November. And, I’ve never been to Calcutta, Puri or Darjeeling. No better time than the present.
Adam will need inoculations, just as I did five years ago. I’ll take a few jabs myself, to be sure. We will need a new backpack. But other than that, and truly under rather ideal circumstances, Skye Frontier will ride again.
Stay tuned for more adventures on the Subcontinent.

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